For Students

To the Attention of Students;

* We recommend using the updated version of the Google Chrome web browser.

*You can log in to UES with the username and password you used in BYS. If you do not know your password; You can renew your password at .

* Make sure that the registrations of the courses you have selected in the Registration Renewal (Course Selection) Transactions over BYS are finalized (Registration Phase: Registration Completed), unconfirmed course registrations (such as Draft, Not Enrolled, Advisor Review, Advisor Approval) cannot be seen in UES.

* Students whose course registration has been finalized can follow your courses by entering your BYS username and password at

* After your course registrations are finalized (2-3 days), you can see your courses at UES.

* If the courses you have taken do not appear in the UES (including the courses in Add / Subtract procedures), you must first contact the lecturer of the course. (The course with less than 25 students taking the course can be given on another platform.)

If the course is given over UES and the course is not visible; Necessary corrections should be made by informing the student affairs by the instructor of the course that the course is not selected as "Extension Course" in the BYS.


Öğrenci Destek Talep Formu

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