Distance Education

Distance education is a form of learning in which teachers and students in different physically separate places interact with the help of various communication technologies and carry out teaching-learning activities in order to provide education services to wider masses and to provide equality of opportunity in education.

Today, with the development of educational technologies, the education system is undergoing changes. Distance education, in which the Internet is widely used, is undergoing more contemporary changes with each passing day, and it also helps to spread the philosophy of lifelong education. With the rapidly growing and developing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) thanks to distance education, time and place limits are eliminated. Thus, the need for distance education is increasing day by day in the globalizing world.

Why Distance Education?

- Removing time and place restrictions
- Significantly reduce the cost of tuition
- No loss of time for transportation
- Access to information when needed
- Working at a job does not cause any problems while studying
- Appealing to all segments of society
- Providing lifelong learning support


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