The root of the Marmara University has been established on base the Hamidiye High Commercial School that has constituted at 1883. 16 faculty, 9 high school and 11 institute have been contained within the Marmara University. There are 199 associate degree and bachelor degree programs in today’s world. Besides, the University has been contain 3000 academics and more than 70000 students. The using technology in education has been increased to adapt the developing technology. In addition, the educational expectations of the academics and students have been change. Correspondingly, distance education has been an exact way to cover these expectations. In this context, Marmara University Distance Education Center (DEC) has been establish to at 29th January 2009 and it aims to meet today’s expectation and to support lifelong learning, on the job training and in the times of need training.

   The DEC activities of Marmara University have established by the instruction attemption of Prof. PhD. Münir ŞAKRAK and the education and training activities have been blossomed out by the Prof. Dr. Abdülkerim KAR as founding manager. Besides, the second period manager Prof. Dr. Süleyman BEYOĞLU has been execute the DEC activities since 2014.

   First of all, all of the general lessons that are assigned in first degree students, have been offered via DEC between 2010 and 2011. Within this scope, Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution (I-II), Turkish Language (I-II) and Foreign Language (I-II) lessons have been offered to approximately 25000 students by DEC. In 2012-2013 education year, Computer Programming program of Technical Science Vocational High School (TSVHS) and Marketing program of Social Science Vocation High School (SSVHS) have been establish to serve students. DEC which continued its activities, has been established two new programs based on SSVHS that are Foreign Trade and Accounting and Tax Practices between 2013 and 2014. Moreover, Fashion Design and Occupational Health and Safety programs have been establish based on TSVHS in 2013-2015 education year. Additionally, DEC has two Master Degree programs based on Science Institute: Engineering Management and Occupational Health and Safety.

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