Messages from Director

Dear students and all our stakeholders,

In our past, the adventure of "distance education", which started with a letter in order to ensure the accessibility of societies to educational environments and equal opportunities in education, has gained a new interface that can be defined as e-learning with the developments in Web technologies today. It is possible to carry out the learning process even mobile, thanks to the fact that distance education, which allows all individuals to continue their education life by avoiding some physical binding factors, especially time and space, to receive the education they want throughout their lives, through web-supported technologies.

Marmara University, which has been serving science and society since 1883, is among Turkey's well-established universities in terms of academic staff and student diversity. Adopting the principle of sustainable development with the motto of "rooted past, strong future", Marmara University continues to renew itself by implementing effective and pioneering practices in education and training processes.

As it is known, the society needs lifelong learning practices and in order to ensure the said learning, it is necessary to transfer information from qualified information sources through formal channels. From this point of view, we are working to lay the foundations of a strong future for the Distance Education Application and Research Center, which was established to convey the knowledge of our deep-rooted and multi-disciplinary academic staff to our students and society.

The Distance Education Application and Research Center aims to enrich the e-learning process it carries out with its associate and graduate programs and to shape it in line with the needs of the society and to provide appropriate education. In line with the goals of our country, the mission and vision of our University, we evaluate your opinions in order to develop our Center in line with the demands and expectations of our valuable stakeholders, and we continue our efforts to improve the scope of our interactively developed distance education programs.

I would like to wish success to all our students who participate in the Distance Education Application and Research Center in order to learn for life and adapt to the changing society every day, and I would like to state that we will be happy to see you in this organization.

Prof.Dr.Faruk UÇAR

Director of Distance Education Application and Research Center

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