For Lecturers

To the Attention of Instructors;


* We recommend using the updated version of the Google Chrome web browser.

* If you are having trouble logging into UES, you can re-create your password with your username starting with h on page. To log in to UES, you must use your username starting with "h" and the BYS password you have created.

* If your live lessons are not visible in UES, check that the days and hours of your lesson have been entered in your Weekly Curriculum in BYS.

* Even if it appears in the Weekly Curriculum in BYS, your course may not have been opened due to the absence of a student who chose the course. If you select the List Type: Temporary Course Student List (Enrollment) in the Courses I Taught in BYS-Course Student List and list your courses, you can see the enrollment status of the students as Excel or PDF file (Awaiting Approval for Addition, Approved for Addition, Enrollment Finalized, …) . Students with the form of “Advisor Review, Addition Approval, Addition Approved” are not transferred to UES. Your final registered students can also be seen in BYS from the Grade Operations- Grade Entry section.

* If you are requesting to combine your unconsolidated (separately defined) courses in UES, your Unit's Registrar's Office must first combine these courses in BYS and then forward the combined courses to UZEM collectively.

* The day and time information of your live lessons is arranged by your unit at BYS. The new changes will be reflected in the next week's live lessons.

* If the preparation time is not active on your screen 15 minutes before the lesson starts, when the lesson time comes, refresh your screen (F5 key or right click on the blank screen and Reload) and start your lesson.

* Refresh your live lesson page if you have a problem with your audio and camera image during the live lesson. When the page is re-opened, you can continue your lesson after performing a system check and re-enabling your camera and microphone.

* Improvements continue on servers and software. Freezes and interruptions in the system will be resolved shortly.

* You can extend the duration of the live lessons by using the Extend Time option or you can finish the lesson at any time by using the end lesson button.

* Problems in watching recorded live lessons have been identified and will be fixed as soon as possible.


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