Vision & Mission

Strategic Target

To be a training center that provides education services around the world by being at the forefront of distance education institutions at the national level in the short term and at the international level in the long term.

our vision

Within the scope of life-long education, it is to convey the high knowledge of our instructors to the society by using distance education technologies, and to achieve international quality in the services offered through distance education. It is to make it a culture by creating an environment that is open to an interdisciplinary approach, sharing knowledge, supporting productivity and creative thinking.

Our Mission

To accredit and administer the courses prepared by MU academicians to provide distance education, to increase the quality of education by providing technical and infrastructure support to the instructors, and to successfully carry out in-university education by providing the education programs needed at Marmara University with the distance education system.

Our Core Values
Commitment to Ethical Values
continuous improvement

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