General Overview

In general, distance education has two major types:

  • Synchronous: In this type of distance education, students and lecturers meet at the virtual environment at the same time but in different places. Synchronous educations have been occurred to meet students and academics at the determined lesson plan and hours via LMS and Perculus 3.0 system.
  • A-Synchronous: If the training activities are independent in accordance with time and place, this is called as a-synchronous type of distance education. The education materials have an enormous significance to take attention and to reach learning outcomes. Individuals could learn with their own speed because of the fact that this method is more suitable to adults as university students. Besides, the intrinsic motivation of students could be increase depends on the qualification the educational materials. The general lessons that mentioned below, have been offered with this method and all of the educational materials have been develop by educational technologists with using instructional design principles.

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