Academic LMS

Our academic LMS program;

Ability to manage content, virtual classroom with a single software
A structure integrated with our university's BYS data and appropriate entrance and courses
Management over the web in accordance with the training calendar
Providing support to distance education students via ALMS with a reporting structure that supports student course tracking, documentation and other student affairs
Opportunity for students and instructors to contribute to and use live lessons with questions, audio and/or images as if they were in a classical classroom.
A more understandable education opportunity with features such as whiteboard, screen sharing of the instructor, downloadable content, and surveys.
Opportunity to watch the past lessons over and over again, as there is no obligation to attend
Structure suitable for continuous development
Compliance with Turkish Higher Education Functioning and Certificate Programs
Support for importing / exporting content from SCORM-based education systems
Content and question pool support compatible with ACE base

ALMS Platform Design Principles
Opportunity to use and work with appropriate data in BMS
Compliance with Turkish Higher Education Functions and Certificate Programs
Content Import / Export Support ( SCORM )
Content and Question Pool Support ( ACE )
Turkish language support
Management with Multiple Student/Instructor/Administrator user options
Flexible and advanced reporting support
Managed and FAQ Helpdesk Support
Customizability Support
Add Module Support
Integrated Online Exam System Support
Integrated Virtual Classroom Applications Support ( PERCULUS)
One-Stop Access to All Content & Materials (LMS)

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